Hi friends~!!
I hope you’ll be joining me at SMASH: Sydney’s Anime and Manga Show this year. The amazing Kotono Mitsuishi (voice actress of Sailor Moon’s Usagi Tsukino) will be making a guest appearance. There will be lots of wonderful cosplays to look at and other amazing guests and activities~
I’m pulling together a last minute cosplay to join some other lovely girls in their group cosplay. I hope we can do the Sailor Senshi justice, espcially with Kotono Mitsuishi there~! I’ve chosen Sailor Venus ♡

In addition to this, I’ll be handing out some little prizes: discount code coupons of varying values that you can use at Sweet Soul Shop. Plus, one lucky winner will win 2 free pairs of circle lenses~! (You’ll have to choose them online when you get home). So make sure you come and say hello, I want to run out of coupons by the end of the day heheh~
I’m super excited; I can’t wait to see some all the super lovely cosplays and take lots of photographs of (and with) all the cuties because I haven’t been to a convention in years~! I hope to see you there if you are attending ♡

Keep an eye out for the goodies~!!!

I really like the hair and make up they did for this look #photoshoot #撮影 (at Studioレンズマン)

BFFs get groceries, take weird talking cat for walk